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Company Profile

Finsbury Pump Systems has been a household name in the Australian pump market for many years.     Initially established in 1946 by Mr Doug Hancock,  the Finsbury name became one of the best known pump brands in the market.

After a brief absence Doug decided to re-establish the company in 2002 as "Finsbury Pump Systems".   A new company which has combined modern technology with a dose of old fashioned, trusted and valuable, experience.

Powamac Products & Manufacturing was established by Mr Laurie Chappel in Melbourne over 40 years ago. With a large range of quality pumps and air compressors Powamac has now joined forces with Finsbury Pump Systems.

Finsbury Pump Systems and Powamac are well known for their quality products, reliability and product support. Reliability has been maintained by exceeding customer's expectations with rigorous testing in line with ISO 5199:2002 Standards.

Now trading as Finsbury Powamac, the company is located in South Australia's Lonsdale industrial estate.   Our modern offices and factory complex incorporates, manufacturing, testing, warehousing and a showroom for both wholesale and retail customers.

Supplying Products and services to the:

 • Domestic
 • Commercial
 • Industrial 

 • Agricultural
 • Mining
 • International Clients

With your continued support we will strive to meet and exceed your requirements.

Mission Statement

We are committed to the manufacturing and supply of the highest quality pumps exceeding local and international standards at the best possible price.    This goal being achieved through the procurement of materials, from preferred suppliers, with similar quality standards and certification.

The full use of the latest technology systems such as computer aided design and laser rapid prototyping systems together with years of practical experience will also ensure highly efficient modern designs suitable for the most arduous environments.

Finsbury and Powamac's manufacturing and quality assurance systems are upgraded continuously guaranteeing consistent and reliable products.

You can rely on Finsbury and Powamac.

Our Vision

To re establish Finsbury and Powamac as the preferred brand locally and internationally based on quality, reliability and service backup through a network of dedicated distributors & partners who share the same vision.

Our Values focus on:
Satisfied Customers

OHS & Welfare Program

It is Finsbury and Powamac commitment to its Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Program that will provide an accident free and healthy working environment for all staff.

The focus of this program will be:


Training will be ongoing covering all relevant areas of safety.     Emphasis will be placed on the premise that safety is the responsibility of every individual and that safe working procedures will be followed at all times. 

 Hazard Identification and Management 

It is the responsibility of all employees to identify hazards and risks in their individual work places.    This control can be achieved by management:

 a) setting an example and motivating others to work safely 
 b) instructing employees in safe working methods
 c) implementing corrective action where hazards have been identified
 d) document hazards for inclusion in the hazard register
 e) induct new employees

 Accident Investigation

Staff trained through a recognised course shall carry out accident investigation. The investigation will be carried out at the earliest possible time after the occurrence.      Preventative action shall be taken to avoid a repeat of the accident.

Occupational Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene risks are to be minimised by ensuring that relevant data sheets are available for all the known hazards.   Environmental conditions are to be monitored and work instructions prepared, if necessary, to prevent unnecessary exposure to:- noise, heat, light, radiation, dust, fumes & mist.

Enviromental Policy

Finsbury and Powamac is committed  to the  protection of  the environment by operating in an  environmentally responsible manner  for  the  control  of  known  pollutants and  potentially  harmful  substances.

Through  our  quality  and  occupational  health  and  safety  programs  we  aim  to  continue  improvement  in  our  employee’s  awareness  of  their  responsibilities  and  the  benefits  of  such  policies  and  procedures.

Finsbury Powamac 

"Pumps for Life"