1 inch Transfer pumps + Watermovers

Product Code : ENG-5

Pump application:
Light weight volume pump with 22m head and flow ups to 116L/min.   These small water movers are designed for shifting small to medium quantities of water. with rapid self priming capabilities and made to last with the help of solid and durable cast impeller and internal casing.   Compact and complete with petrol drive that is easily maintained for a long service life.   Complete in a sturdy handle for ease of handling.

Performance data:
Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm²/s and a density of 1000Kg/m³  at 20ºC.
  - Flow rates up to 7m³/h.
  - Heads up to 22m.
  - Suction heads up to 8m.
  - Fluid must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +35ºC.
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 6 Bar.
  - Rotational speed: Norminal speed 3000rpm, maximum speed 7000rpm
  - 25mm inlet and discharge ports.

  - Model FWP25HTV-2 Powered by an air-cooled 2   stroke petrol engine
  - Model FWP25HTV-4 Powered by an air-cooled 4 stroke petrol engine


The pump is to be installed in a horizontal position for both fixed and portable plants. These self priming pumps require water in the pump case only for the initials pumping operation. No water is necessary for subsequent pumping when the casing contains water For maximum efficiency make the piping as short and straight as possible.

 Caution: These pumps should never be run dry!

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