Wellmate fibreglass

Product Code : TANK-1

Air tanks.

The long lasting pressure tanks that offer real benefits for owners.These tanks contain no steel, consequently they can't corrode.  Because they contain no steel, there is no paint to require repair, or rust to conceal.The unique aircell won't abrade against any metal and contains air, not water!    They are light weight, easier to handle and quick to install.Fully repairable with an outstanding replacement warranty.                     

Inner liner with outer winding for contamination free water and strength.     
Gloss finish ensures an attractive, finished installation.     
Full size aircell provides higher draw-offs and cannot be stressed against tank walls.     
Only materials approved by international regulating authorities are used.     
Replaceable aircell - all parts are in-field serviceable.     
These tanks with their light weight - half that of steel tanks - makes them easier and faster to install.   In fact most can be handled by a single installer keeping costs down.Wellmate tanks are 100% lead-free, and absolutely will not introduce undesirable chemicals or elements into the water.        
Low profile series for installation in restrictive height areas.   All the proven features of regular Wellmates.      

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