Piston Pumps

Product Code : POS -1

Positive displacement pumps.

Pump application:           
These positive displacement low inertia pumps are very efficient and are excellent at pumping fluids at high pressures and low volumes.   These pumps operate at slow speeds which equates to a long operating life.           
Performance data:           
Performance curves are based on a kinematics viscosity value of 1mm
²/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m³ at 20ºC.                   
  - Flow rates up to 4.2m
  - Heads up to 100m.           
  - Suction lifts up to 7m.           
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.           
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +60ºC.           
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.           
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 10 Bar.           
  - Built in 3.3 : 1 reduction gearbox - further speed reduction with V belt pulleys. 
  - Rotational speed: 300rpm recommended maximum.           
  - Stainless steel drive and eccentric shafts mounted on four "sealed for life"
    deep groove ball bearings.           
  - Heavy duty push rod operating through a generous size packing gland. 
  - SG iron driven gear, conrod and piston for strength and durability.           
  - Balanced cam - eccentric acts as a flywheel.           
  - Large bronze valve seats with large valves for improved flows.           
  - O ring seals throughout the pump except for the dome head gasket - all for positive sealing..           
  - Replaceable leather buckets make for easy maintenance.           
  - Lubrication is automatic when crankcase is filled and maintained to the correct oil level.           
  - Comes in 4 different sizes and with 5 different drive options.           
Size range:           
  - SP   38 x 60   38mm bore x 60mm stroke    Heavy duty unit.   
  - SP   44 x 60   44mm bore x 60mm stroke    Heavy duty unit.   

Drive options:           
  - Bare shaft - complete with vee pulley belt and guard -provide your own drive source.          
  - With a 240 volt single phase or 415 volt 3 phase, 1.1 or 1.5kw 4 pole  electric motor.       
  - With a Honda 4Hp petrol engine with 3/4" keyed shaft.          
  - With a Subaru 4.5Hp petrol engine with 3/4" keyed shaft.  

  - With a Subaru 5.5Hp diesel engine with 3/4" keyed shaft.

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