Shakti 4 inch premium borehole Motors

Shakti 4 inch premium borehole Motors

Product Code : Shakti 4


For use with deep well submersible pumps with NEMA standard 4" coupling flanges, for water supplies for industrial, agriculture and commercial uses.              

Performance data:              
Performance rating is based on a continuous working water temperature of 30ºC.              
  - Single phase 240 volt and three phase 415 volt motors.              
  - Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel.              
  - Great corrosion resistance.              
  - All motors shafts are fitted with a sand proof trap / sand slinger.              
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +30ºC.              
  - Minimum recommended head of water above pump suction is 3m.              
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 67 Bar.              
  - Water pH: 6.5 - 8.0.              
  - Rotational speed: 2900rpm.              
  - Direction of rotation: CCW facing shaft side.              
  - Squirrel cage rotor according to IEC 34-1 standards.              
  - Degree of protection:  IP68.              
  - Insulation class: B.              
  - These are oil filled and cooled motors.              
  - Minimum water speed required along the motor: 8cm/sec.              
  - Protection: thermal overload to be used as per the electrical standards.              
  - This series of motors are fully rewindable.              
  - Maximum number of starts per hour: 20 per hour and the motor should run a minimum of 1 minute to dissipate the heat from the startup current.   For a prolonged life keep the number of starts per 24 hours below 280.              
Suitable for installation in 4" wells.   The installer must ensure adequate water flow past the motor, if the specified flow can not be met than it is recommended that the deep well pump / motor be used in conjunction with a flow inducer sleeve or shroud.     The conditions requiring a shroud are:              
- A well diameter that is larger than 102mm in diameter and doesn't meet the minimum water speed / quantity along the motor as per the table below.             
- Pump is in an open body of water.             
- Pump is in a rock well or below the well casing.             
- The well is top-feeding.             
- The pump is set in or below screens or perforations.             
Wells should be at least 102mm in diameter.   These motors with their pumps can be installed horizontally but technical approval must be sought from Finsbury Pump Systems.              
Pumps that operate in water temperatures higher than 30oC, must increase the water flow or be de-rated.   Refer to Finsbury Pump systems for specific instructions.              

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