150mm hydraulic drive submersible pumps with screw type impeller

150mm hydraulic drive submersible pumps with screw type impeller

Product Code : Quax 150 screw

Pump application:           

The Quax range of hydraulic drive submersible water pumps are manufactured in the UK and are great performers.   

All pumps are available with a suitable power pack if required.  All power packs come complete with wheels and central lifting frame and forklift feet.   As standard, the power packs are fitted with a silent pack Hatz diesel engine.  Fitted on a 145 litre diesel fuel tank and a hydraulic reservoir.

These pumps are ideal for draining tanks and ponds which have liquids with suspended solids.


The 150mm Quax pump is fitted with a screw impeller for larger solids handling.   Both models are also available with a aluminium or a steel casing.   

Performance data:           
Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm2/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m3 at 20ºC.           
  - Flow rates up to 89 L/sec.          
  - Heads up to 23.5m.           
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles and solids.           
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +40ºC.  

  - Solids handling to 90mm.                                        
The driving motor has a high pressure motor seal with stainless steel wear plates.           
  - Power pack required 35hp

  - Uses biodegradable oils.            
  - Hydraulic flow 60 L/min           
  - Hydraulic working pressure 175bar.           
  - Maximum hydraulic pressure 240bar           
The pump is to be installed in an upright position for both fixed and portable plants.  Do not run your pump dry.  To prevent damage, use a rope or chain to position and retrieve your pump - never use the hydraulic hose for this purpose.  


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