Rotomac SN and WA sugar progressive cavity pumps

Rotomac SN and WA sugar progressive cavity pumps

Product Code : Rotomac SN and WA series sugar pumps

Rotomac sugar progressive cavity pumps

The Rotomac SN and WA "sugar" series of progressive cavity pumps is suitable for pumping a range of sugar related applications with medium flows and extremely high heads.        Flow rates up to 200 m3 per hour and heads to 48 bar.     Comes standard complete with gland packing and optionally with mechanical seals.



- Non pulsating and smooth flow

- Inherent self priming

- No foot valves required

- Non Clogging

- Low operating pumps

- Low NPSH requirement

- High suction lift capability

- Low internal velocity



- Molasses - A B & final

- Syrup

- Melt

- Mud slurry

- Sludge

- Lime slurry

- Massucuite

- Magma

- Filter press "Cake" slurry


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