Rotomac metering and dosing pumps

Rotomac metering and dosing pumps

Product Code : Rotomac MP series pumps

Rotomac metering and dosing range of progressive cavity pumps

The Rotomac metering and dosing series of progressive cavity pumps is suitable for a range of general applications with large flows and high heads.        Flow rates up to 520 litres per hour and heads to 24 bar.     Comes complete with mechanical seals.



- Non pulsating and smooth flow

- Inherent self priming

- No foot valves required

- Non Clogging

- Low operating pumps

- Low NPSH requirement

- High suction lift capability

- Gentle handling of shear sensitive & abrasive media due to low internal velocity



- Waste water treatment

- Food and beverage pumps

- Paper and pulp

- Chemical processing

- Cosmetics

- Paint and varnishes

- Oil and gas

- Proteins and fats

- Pharmaceutical


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