The Fybroc 5500 series Fibreglass vertical Turbine pumps

The Fybroc 5500 series Fibreglass vertical Turbine pumps

Product Code : Fybroc 5500 series

Pump application:             
Here we offer the Fybroc range of Fibreglass vertical Turbine pumps.   

Fybroc, the world’s first and largest manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced centrifugal pumps, has led the way in the design and engineering of the industry’s most technically advanced pumps for handling corrosives and other difficult liquids.

Fybroc continues to lead the pump industry through innovation, product improvement, and advanced technology.

Each Fybroc product line is the culmination of years of experience in producing the highest quality corrosion-resistant pumps available.

    These vertical turbine pumps are both powerful and efficient and constructed from durable corrosion proof materials.   These quality pumps are built to the highest standards giving the user many years of trouble free service.     

The innovative design of the Series 5500 pump makes it a perfect choice for handling tough applications such as chemical wastes of varying pH, plating wastes, circulation of spent pickling solutions, electrolytes or nickel plating baths, salt water or brine, scrubber/odor control, utility/ coal pile runoff, demineralized/ deionized water, marine applications (ie. dewatering and barges/cargo unloading), and hundreds of other difficult sump pump services.

Performance data:             
Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm2/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m3 at 20ºC.             
  - Flow rates up to 1140m3/h.             
  - Heads up to 85m. 
  - Curve tolerance in conformity with ISO9906, appendix A             
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +60ºC.                         
  - Minimum fluid temperature: -15ºC.             
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.                        
  - Pump lengths to 9.1m, 19 different sizes

It is recommended that these pumps be installed in a vertical position on a sturdy base frame - base frames can also be provided by Finsbury Pump Systems.

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