The Poseidon ADP50 series automatic prime pumps

The Poseidon ADP50 series automatic prime pumps

Product Code : Poseidon ADP50 series

Poseidon Dry run, automatic prime centrifugal pumps

Pump Application:          
These are bare shaft single stage centrifugal pumps fitted with the Poseidon Dry run and the 50cfm automatic "SmartprimeTM" priming systems.    A heavy duty cast iron body that contains a cast iron, bronze or stainless steel  impeller attached to a heavy duty stainless steel shaft.    These quality pumps, have been designed for use in construction, industrial and mining dewatering applications.   Because of the high quality of the materials and due to the accurate manufacturing processes used, these pumps are extremely reliable, quiet and long lasting.   The "SmartprimeTM" system also guarantees no pumped fluid will be able to pass through the priming system and escape into the environment, a truly green pumping system.   These pumps are ideal for pressurisation, transfer of fluids, water supply, irrigation, dewatering and for all those applications that need medium to high heads and flow rates.          
Performance Data:          
Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm2/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m3 at 20ºC.          
  - Flow rates up to 540 liters/sec.          
  - Heads up to 177m.          
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.          
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +80ºC.          
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +60ºC.          
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 18 Bar.          
  - Rotational speed: variable speed up to 3500rpm (depending on pump model).          
  - Heavy duty cast iron construction with stainless steel shaft, standard with cast
iron impeller also available with bronze or stainless steel impellers.          
  - All pumps are fitted with a low maintenance Sic / Sic / Viton mechanical seal,           
    other seals available for higher temperature ratings and more aggressive liquids.          
The pump can be fitted with an electric motor or connected via a SAE standard bell housing / flywheel directly to a diesel engine.   The pump / pump set, is to be installed in a horizontal position.

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