Product Code : MUL- 1

Pump application:

These are large multistage pumps, despite their size, are capable of delivering high heads.   They are extremely useful for industrial purposes where high pressures are required.   This includes:  high pressure lifting, refrigeration, heating, high pressure cleaning, and use in boiler systems and condensate extraction.   Their quality European build and excellent performance, makes these units a versatile and reliable pump option where high pump pressure are required.


Pump performance data – pump only:

Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm²/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m³ at 20 degree

-         Flow rates up to 230m³/h

-         Heads up to 400m

-         Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles

-         Maximum fluid temperature: + 120 degree

-         Minimum fluid temperature: -15 degree

-         Maximum ambient temperature: 40degree

-         Maximum casing pressure: 16bar inlet

-         Maximum casing pressure: 40 bar outlet

-         Rotational speed: 1450 to 3500rpm

-         Available from 2 to 10 stages

-         Optionally available with bronze or 316 stainless steel impellers.


Motor performance data:

The driving motor is an asynchronous, closed squirrel cage type, with external ventilation.

-         Manufacturer:  Teco / Monarch

-         All motors meet or exceed the MEPS ( Minimum Efficiency Performance Standard) AS1359.5-2000 table 2.1

-         Motors with frame sizes over D160 come complete with in-built thermo-amperometric protection.

-         Class of insulation: F – service: S1

-         Degree of protection: IP55 - also available as an IP56, IP65 and IP66.

-         All three phase 415 volts

-         Motors are also available as flame and spark proof options.

-         Motors are suitable for inverter duty, subject to torque and speed limitations and correct installation of motor and drive.

Note: the base and guard shown are indicative only and the actual unit may differ in looks from the diagram shown.




Engine performance data:

Diesel engines from a range of well known manufacturers with a proven quality record and an availability of all spare parts.

-         Manufacturers: Yanmar, JCB, Hatz or Deutz- other brands available on application

-         All engines can be mounted on a range of bases including:

            Fixed / permanently installed based with external fuel tank.

Portable skid based with built in fuel tank

Trailer mounted skid bases for ultimate portability.


-         All engines can be provided with a range of controls, monitoring and safety     features

-         As standard we offer diesel engines in the range of 1500 to 1800 rpm, higher speed engines can be offered on request



-         The pump is to be installed in a horizontal position for all pumping situations

-         The pump discharge can be rotated to 3 main positions to facilitate pipe connections.

-         Vacuum priming systems to suit this pump are available upon request

-         This is a high pressure pump and should only be installed by suitably qualified personnel.



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