Product Code : PRES-3

Pump Application:

These are the Finsbury Powamac “top of the range” cold water high pressure cleaning pumps; these pumps have been designed for use in heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. Because of the high quality of the materials, Italian pumps with Japanese engines and due to the modern manufacturing processes used, these pumps are extremely reliable and long lasting. These pumps are ideal to rapidly and effectively wash, degrease, descale and disinfect any problem job in most commercial and industrial situations.


Performance data:

Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm²/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m³ at 20ºC.

-         Flow rates: Up to 12 Litres/min.

-         Heads from 2000 to 2250 psi (140 to 155 bar).

-         Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.

-         Maximum fluid temperature: + 45ºC.

-         Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.



All pressure pumps come as a standard with a 6.5HP petrol Honda engine but are also available with either a petrol Subaru or Brigg & Stratton engine on request, and also available with Hatz diesel engines.

-         All JET2000H11 pumps have a nominal pump speed of 2900rpm.

-         All JET2250H12 pumps are fitted with a 2 to 1 reduction gearbox reducing the pump speed to 1450rpm.



-         Complete with 10m of 3/8” of high pressure double wire braided hose.

-         Fitted with a quick fit coupling between the pump and the hose to attach or detach the hose in seconds.

-         Build into a sturdy, heavy duty powder coated frame and mounted on 2 pneumatic wheels

-         Complete with an inlet water filter to protect your pump.

-         For Complete pump protection, a water bypass is fitted to all pumps for those instances when the trigger is released.

-         All pumps come complete with a soap injector for use with the PA-RL20 lance.    This lance has an adjustable nozzle for low pressure application of detergents and by extending the nozzle it will activate the high pressure setting by twisting the nozzle on the lance, the spray pattern can be altered from a straight beam to a flat spray.

-         Fitted with a pressure gauge in a glycerol bath.


Options available:

-         Engine decelerators.

-         Other brands of petrol or diesel engines are available upon request.

-         A variety of lances with variable lengths are available.

-         Turbo heads which almost doubles the cleaning power of the pump, halving the cleaning time.

-         Abrasive cleaning attachments to remove rust, paint or graffiti in seconds.

-         Acid injector heads for brick cleaning.     Applies acid or caustic chemicals without damage to the pump.

-         Longer hoses.

-         Optional hose reels can be supplied and fitted to the JET unit.

-         Galvanised frames.

-         Drain cleaning nozzles.

-         Stainless Steel or plastic cooling tanks in the bypass system.

-         Cartridge water filter for the pump inlet.

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