ACQUASAVER mains to rainwater switch

ACQUASAVER mains to rainwater switch

Product Code : ACC-2

AcquaSaver water switches application:

The Finsbury Powamac “AcquaSaver” is an automatic and an economic “mains to rainwater” changeover switch.    This near indestructible mechanical changeover switch is suitable and approved for domestic and commercial systems where rainwater is harvested and used inside the property.     When the rainwater runs out, the system automatically switches back to mains water.      When the tanks have been recharged by a rain shower or two, the system will also switch back to rainwater.

This Australian designed and manufactured mechanical water switch has few moving parts and is made from durable brass fittings.     Virtually maintenance free and durable for a long service life.


Performance data:

Performance data is based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm² and a density of 1000 Kg/m³ at 20 degrees C.

-         Test Pressure: 800kpa.

-         Maximum working pressure: 800kpa.

-         Maximum water temperature: 80 degrees C.

-         Nominal outlet size: 20mm or 3/4” BSP property supply.

-         Nominal mains inlet size: 20mm or 3/4” BSP.

-         Nominal rainwater inlet size: 25mm or 1” BSP.

-         Weight: 2.2Kg.

-         Packing dimensions: 300 x 300 x 100mm.


Installation and use:

Installation and commissioning of the AcquaSaver water switch must be in accordance with all local and federal water connection regulations and should be carried out by a registered plumber.     The AcquaSaver can be mounted directly on a Finsbury Powamac water supply pump or can be mounted permanently against a solid wall or firm structure.


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