RAINAID mains to rainwater switch

RAINAID mains to rainwater switch

Product Code : ACC-1


The RainAid valve is designed to be connected to the mains water supply on a rainwater collection tank.    It will provide a backup supply of water in the event of demand exceeding rain supply.


Operating principle

Under normal conditions, rainwater will fill the tank.    If the rainwater level drops below a pre-set level, the RainAid valve will open to maintain the water level using the mains water supply.

The rainwater tank is used to supply water to non potable outlets such as the toilets, laundry and garden.     There is a 100mm differential between the open and closed positions of the RainAid Valve.



Inlet 20mm 3/4" BSP (male).

Cold mains pressure water connection.

Working pressure: 55-1000kPa (8-150 psi).

Maximum water temperature 60 degree.

Supplied with inlet strainer.



-         Valve must be installed horizontally.

-         Do not install on an angle.

-         Do not restrict inlet water flow.

-         No to be modified

-         Not to be used in dual purpose tanks used for stormwater detention.

-         N.B Some Australian states stipulate a minimum water level that must be maintained for fire fighting purposes.

-         Overflow and air gap to comply with local standards (air gap of 55mm complies with AS/NZS 3500.1).


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