Product Code : GEN-4

HO SERIES:   Our  deluxe range of single phase Honda petrol driven portable power units with Meccalte alternator, including: side instrument panel with volt meter, heavy duty roll frames fitted with anti-vibration mounts, 12 volt battery charging.     With auto throttle, silenced exhaust and air cleaner system.     All units operate at 240volt 50Hz.


Performance data:

-        Models in the deluxe range to 8kva

-         All models shown are 50hz, single phase 240volt

-         Brushless alternators with capacitor regulation

-         Fully tested and proven

-         Long range fuel tanks with fuel gauge and fuel filter

-         Full control panels with a 300 volt meter, 12v battery charging and power outlets

-         Fuel saving automatic idle controls- see table below

-         Easy start electronic ignition systems on lager models

-         Strong roll frame with anti vibration mounts

-         Silenced large size muffler with protective heat guard

-         Silenced air cleaner with heavy duty element

-         Standard twin type power outlets with circuit breakers

-         Standard two year warranty

-         All models available with an optional solid wheel kit – part number WHRF3



-         genuine Honda powered by an air-cooled petrol engine

-         engine capacities from 11 to 13hp


Installation and usage:

The generator is to be used in a horizontal position for both fixed and portable plants. For the selection of the correct size of generator please consult page 2 of the tech data sheet.     For further information refer to the operations manual included with your product.

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