Product Code : TANK-8

Pump Application:

Mobile diesel tank refueling units are available in three popular tank sizes of 250, 400 and 600 liters.    Each diesel tank can be fitted with a choice of 12vDC diesel pumps or with a manual rotational hand pump.    The diesel electric pumps are designed for heavy duty and come complete with a 19mm ID × 4m long antistatic refueling hose and a manual refueling nozzle.    Fitted to a high quality tank, these pumps are easily maintained and built with quality parts for a long service life.     The unit comes complete with an earth lead for static discharge prevention and a 2m long battery cable.


Performance data: 12vdc pump

Performance data is based on pumping diesel at 20ºC

-          Italian built high quality Piusi pump

-          Flow rates up to 38 liters per minute

-          Heads up to 15m

-          Suction heads up to 2m-self priming

-          Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles

-          Maximum fluid temperature: +35ºC.

-          Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.

-          Pump type: 12vdc-rotary vane type with build in bypass

-          Duty cycle: 30 minutes on followed by 30 minutes off

-          With on/ off switch on pump body

-          Ideal for intermittent diesel refueling- has bypass capabilities but for long pump life should only be used for short periods (less than 1 minute).

-          Suction hose built into tank

-          4m of 19mm ID of antistatic hose with manual refueling gun


Performance data: Rotary hand pump

-          Flow rates up to 22 liters per minute

-          Heads up to 1.5m

-          Maximum speed 70rpm

-          Complete with 4m of 19mm ID antistatic hose ( not shown on picture)


      Performance data: Diesel tank

-          Tank comes complete with an inbuilt hard wood fuel dipstick

-          Tank has breather fitted and larger tanks have internal liquid baffles

-          Built for diesel grade polyethylene

-          Galvanised bottom fill inlet pipe

-          With red “hand wash”tank with tap for clean water

-          Complete with 5 year pro rate warrantee (tank only)



These tanks are designed to be installed in a horizontal position on the back of a utility or a truck.    These tanks can also be mounted on a skid frame which is available as an option.    These are self priming pumps.


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