D: Trailer mounted Sewage + Trash pumps

Product Code : ENG-19

Pump Application:

Designed and engineered to the highest standards.   Manufactured to meet the requirements of the professional contractor. With self priming capabilities and made to transfer high volumes of water with a high solid content.   Compact diesel driven pumps which are trailer mounted to give the convenience of mobility.    Ideal for dewatering of construction sites and mines, pumping out tailing dams, slurry pumping and high volume water transfers.


Performance data / features:

Both models

-      Suction heads up to 7.6m

-       With large open impellers capable of pumping some solids in suspension.

-       Maximum fluid temperature: +35ºC

-       Maximum ambient temperature: +50ºC

   Fitted with low maintenance diesel engines with electric start

   Each pumps comes fitted with a replaceable 6” suction and discharge ports in case of thread damage

   Both models have built in safety shutdown for low oil pressure and oil temperature.

   Fitted with oil lubricated tungsten titanium carbide seals for extended seal life and cuts maintenance costs.

   Wear resistant volute and impeller ensures minimal clogging and can handle solids up to 76mm in diameter

-    Heavy duty tailors with towing hitch and jack stand

-    An inlet strainer is included to prevent the possibility of the entry of oversized solids.

-    All pump hardware is corrosion resistant and all interior water passages are obstruction free to extend pup life.


Additional features for FTD150D60


-          Flow rates up to 360m³/h

-          heads up to 46m

-          Fitted with a 90ºC discharge elbow that can be rotated based on job requirements

-          The FTD150D60 model also has a built in safety shutdown for V-belt failure

-          The control panel is shock proof mounted in a water resistant housing and includes an hour meter, ammeter, tachometer and an alternator failure light.

-          A 152 liter fuel tank is incorporated in the base of the skid

-          The pump has bearing and mechanical seal sight glasses

-          The engine skid is fitted with a marine type battery box which protects the battery from moisture

-          The trailer has a conveniently integrated manual box for easy operator access



The pumps are fitted with heavy duty diesel engines

FTD150M24:  A reliable low maintenance 24hp Mitsubishi S3L three cylinder water cooled diesel engine with electric start.

FTD150D60:  A reliable low maintenance 60hp Deutz F4L914 four cylinder air cooled engine with electric start.



Batteries are not included.

These pumps are in the standard format “site trailers” only – the FTD150D60 pump can, with some modifications to the lights and towing hitch, be made roadworthy.    The FTD150M24 model has no lights.


Caution: These pumps should never be run dry!

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