Superflow high pressure steel tanks

Product Code : TANK-6

These SuperFlowTM quality pressure tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including , booster systems, thermal expansion, irrigation systems and hydraulic hammer arresting requiring high pressures.       Readily serviceable and fully repairable with a two year tank  and a 1 year membrane replacement warrantee.                 
                       - 1 YEAR FOR MEMBRANE REPLACEMENT       

The SuperFlowTM series offers an interchangeable membrane which features a unique tiered design that is more durable.   All SuperFlowTM models 100 litres and above are designed with a built - in pressure gauge, a convenience feature for maintenance purposes.                 
As with all GWS products, SuperFlowTM vessels are manufactured to strict quality standards.                 
SuperFlowTM vessels represent the best value for the investment with rugged construction and are designed to serve your needs for years to come.                 
Additional access opening.                 
Brass air valve.     
Long lasting polyurethane paint.     
Heavy duty corrosion resistant flange connection.     
Pressure gauge available on SF 100v model.     
Butyl / EPDM tiered membrane.     
Reinforced tripod legs.     

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