Roller pumps

Product Code : POS-7

Pump application:                    
These Ferroni positive displacement low inertia pumps are excellent at pumping fluids at medium to high pressures.   These pumps can be used to pump water and a large range of other non abrasive and non corrosive herbicides.  Also very useful for  high pressure washing (with or without detergents).   These pumps can be fitted to direct to the P.T.O. of any 540rpm tractor and are self priming.                    
Performance data:                    
Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm2/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m3 at 20ºC.                    
  - Flow rates up to 12m3/h.                    
  - Heads up to 250m.                    
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles. 
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 30 Bar.                    
  - Rotational speed: Nominal 540rpm with a 600rpm recommended maximum. 
  - Self priming.                    
  - Nylon rollers.                    
Connect the pump to the tractor P.T.O. and anchor it to a fixed point by means of the special chain.    After use the pump must be drained from all water and be filled with oil whilst being turned by hand to lubricate all internal metal areas of the pump.    This is neccesary to prevent the forming of the rust inside the pump and therefor to prevent the pump from seizing up the next time it is used.    It is recommended that the pump be greased on a regular basis using the grease nipples on both sides of the pump.    If the pump doesn't want to prime due to normal wear and tear, it will be neccesary to use a footvalve and to prime the suction line.   

Caution:  The pump must not be run dry as this will damage the rotary pump parts.                    

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