Rotary Drum Pump

Product Code : POS-8

Pump description:                       
Rotary drum pump type, useful for decanting 220 litre or 45 gallon drums.   Suitable for pumping Petrol, Kerosene, Paraffin, two stroke fuel and light oils.     Comes complete with a special hose for petroleum.    The unit can also be used as a siphon, with the handle in the siphon position.  Ideal for the farm, garage, service station or the small workshop.                       
Performance data:                  
  - Maximum lifting head:   1.5m.                  
  - Total head:   5m.                  
  - Maximum flow:   22L/min.                  
  - Maximum speed:   70rpm.                  
  - Weight:   4.5kg.                  
  - Overall length:   1.3m.                  
  - Real value for money.                  
Caution: The unit will need oil lubrication after it is used for pumping petrol.                  

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