Drum gear pump outfits

Drum gear pump outfits

Product Code : POS-10

Pump application:                    
These positive displacement low inertia pumps are excellent at pumping fluids at low to medium pressures.   These pumps are especially constructed for pumping molasses from 44 gallon / 205 litre drums.    These molasses drum pumps are only available with the 13mm cast iron gear pump driven by either an 1.5hp electric motor or a 4hp Honda engine.   Other larger molasses pumps are available but are not designed for use with 44 Gallon / 205 litre drums                                     
Performance data:                    
  - Flow rates up to 10L/min maximum (depending on viscocity / temperature of molasses pumped).                    
 molasses pumped).                    
  - Heads up to 30m  (depending on viscocity / temperature of molasses pumped).                    
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 6 Bar.                    
  - Rotational speed: Nominal 200rpm for molasses.                    
  - Lubrication:  Blind plain bearings are self lubrication with the pumped liquid, the stuffing box has a gland packing to serve as a grease lubricated bearing.                    
  - Driver is either single phase 1.5kw electric motor or with a 4hp Honda engine.                    
  - All units come complete with anti vibration mounts which will sit on the drum.                    
  - All units come complete with 1 1/2" poly suction pipework and camlock fittings.                    
Place the pump on the 44 gallon / 205 litre drum as shown.     Connect the pump to the poly pipe supplied with the kit.   The unit comes complete with a 1 1/2" poly suction pipe fitted with camlock fittings for ease of installation.    Connect the delivery pipework.     Each pumpset is fitted complete with Teflon gland packing suitable for pumpimg molasses.     The gear pump  must be rinsed out after use with hot water to prevent the pump from seizing up the next time it is used.            For delivery pipework it is recommended to use 2" pipework or larger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Caution: Pumps will self lubricate using the pumped fluid however avoid running the  pump dry as this will create rapid wear.                      

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