Molasses gear pump outfit

Molasses gear pump outfit

Product Code : POS-9

Pump application:                    
These positive displacement low inertia pumps are excellent at pumping fluids at low to medium pressures.   These pumps are especially constructed for pumping molasses.                     
Performance data:                    
  - Flow rates up to 7m³/h.                    
  - Heads up to 30m.                    
  - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles. 
  - Maximum fluid temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum ambient temperature: +60ºC.                    
  - Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 6 Bar.                    
  - Rotational speed: Nominal 200rpm for molasses.                    
  - Lubrication:  Blind plain bearings are self lubrication with the pumped liquid.     
  - Pumps can be run in reverse to change the direction of the pumped fluid.      
Securely bolt the pump unit in location.   The gear pump can be installed in any orientation except for engine driven units which must be installed in a horizontal position.    However always ensure that the pump is running in the right direction.  Gear pumps can run in either direction by operating the power unit in reverse or alternatively by changing the delivery and suction pipes to opposite sides of the pump.  If closed heads are to be encountered than a pressure relief or bypass valve must be installed and set to the required pressure.   If full bypass is required ensure that vee belts are correctly aligned with the correct tension.    Always prime the pump with the fluid to be pumped and start with a fully open discharge before throttling to pressure requirements.    Please note when the gear pump be used for pumping molasses, then it is strongly recommended that the inlet and discharge pipework be sized to a minimum of 3 times the diameter of the inlet and outlet ports and for the graphite gland packing to be replaced with a Teflon gland packing.     The gear pump must be rinsed out after use with hot water to prevent the pump from seizing up the next time it is used.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Caution: Pumps will self lubricate using the pumped fluid however avoid running the  pump dry as this will create rapid wear.                      

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