Clisby Compressor Pumps

Clisby Compressor Pumps

Product Code : AIR-3

Compressor pump description:                         
A complete range of Clisby single stage industrial air compressor pumps.   A uniquely designed range of pumps combine the excellent fast cooling properties of aluminium alloy mainframe with the strength of cast iron liners to give a combination of high volume free air delivery, ease of servicing and durability that is second to none in the compressor industry.     

 Performance data:                        
  - Air displacement from 12 cfm or 340 L/min up to 20 cfm or 566 L/min.                        
  - Compressor pumps are made of an aluminium alloy construction for fast cooling.                        
  - Cast iron cylinder liners for maximum strength and long life.                        
  - Cylinder heads are made of high strength aluminium alloy, are well finned for cooling and fitted with a                               
push button unloaders to test valve conditions.                        
  - Overhead reed type valves of Swedish nickel chrome steel assembled with quickly replaceable alloy valve                        
plate units                        
  - All models have crankcases made from high duty aluminium alloy fitted with a combination oil dipstick                        
and breather.                        
  - Air cleaners and silencers are of large capacity with easily renewable filter elements and individual to each                        
It is important that the instruction manual is read before the use of the compressor pump.   After 4 hours of running the air compressor under normal operating conditions, the operator must tighten every head bolt to the torque setting recommended in the instruction booklet supplied with the compressor or in the table below.    This will prevent subsequent damage to the air compressor and will insure a long and efficient operating life.   

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