Air operated diaphragm pumps

Air operated diaphragm pumps

Product Code : POS-13

Pump Application:

Our WL series positive displacement diaphragm pumps are designed for continuous duty and suitable for a large variety of food processing and industrial work. These pumps are ideal for the large range of process industries and are made expressly for pumping liquids with abrasive quantities in suspension. With no gland to wear, these pumps have a snoring capability therefore these pumps can be run dry without damage. Solidly constructed with a heavy duty aluminum alloy casings. Available with a Buna N or Neoprene elastomers.



-           Flow rates up to 12.6m³/h

-      Heads up to 88m (125psi)

-      Suction heads from 8.53 up to 9.45m (different models)

-      Fluid temperature: -12.2 to +82.2ºC for Buna N elastomers

-      Fluid temperature: -17.8 to +93.3ºC for Neoprene elastomers.

-      Maximum allowable pressure in casing: 9 bar

-     Rapid self priming

-     These pumps can be run dry

-     Will operate on snore

-     These pumps will handle abrasive liquids

-     Dual diaphragms

-     Heavy duty and compact construction.



-          Petrohemicals

-          Oil transfer

-          Slurry pumping

-          Paint manufacturing

-          Poultry processing

-          Ceramics manufacturing

-          Industrial waste water

-          Chemical processing

-          Abrasive liquid pumping

-          Adhesive pumping

-          Septic tank cleaning

-          Brick manufacturing

-          Cement supplies

-          Foundries

-          Inks and dyes

-          Plastic moulding


Drive requirements:

These diaphragm pumps are air operated and are therefore has anti freeze and anti stall features. Can be operated with lube – free air distribution systems. Different models have different air supply requirements up to 150cfm.



It is preferable for this pump is to be installed in a horizontal position. For maximum efficiency use oversized hose or pipe and keep the hose or pipe as short and straight as possible.