16 cfm Air Compressors

16 cfm Air Compressors

Product Code : AIR-8

Compressor description:

This is the largest volume capacity of our portable workshop series of air compressors fitted with either a single or three phase electric motor. Combining a uniquely designed monobloc twin cylinder compressor pump with cast iron liners and mounted on a 110 litre air receiver. These units provide industrial strength portable air for in the workshop or in the field.


- Air displacement 16 4 cfm or 464 L/min

- Free air delivery up to 12.3 cfm or 348 L/min.

- Uniquely Italian designed and manufactured "ABAC" monobloc twin cylinder compressors.

- Compressor pump is made of an aluminium alloy construction for fast cooling.

- Cast iron cylinder liners for maximum strength and long life.

- Large air receiver to reduce the number of stop starts thereby improving motor life.

- Large finned alloy after cooler.

- Fitted with a factory preset "condor" pressure switch for automatic start-stop operation.

- All heavy duty electric motors with built in thermal overload protection.

- Rugged fully enclosed belt guard.

- Mounted on 4 heavy duty castors resulting in a very portable yet stable workshop air compressor

- All compressors have certified air receivers.


It is important that the instruction manual is read before the use of the air compressor. After 4 hours of running the air compressor under normal operating conditions, the operator must tighten every head bolt to the torque setting recommended in the instruction booklet supplied with the compressor. This will prevent subsequent damage to the air compressor and will insure a long and efficient operating life.