Periperal Pumps

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Shakti NSP series

NSP series

The Shakti NSP series of peripheral pumps

Peripheral pumps Pump application:          These small peripheral pumps, despite their size, are capable of delivering high heads.     The brass stamped turbine can handle high water temperatures and is great for pressure boosting.   Rugged metal casing, stainless steel shafts and non corrosive internal make this a solid, small to medium  domestic pump.   These pumps are best used with a flooded suction.                      Performance data:          Performance curves are based on a kinematic viscosity value of 1mm2/s and a density of 1000 Kg/m3 at 20ºC.                      - Flow rates up to 3.2m³/h.            - Heads up to 48m.            - Fluids must be clean and free from suspended abrasive particles.            - Maximum fluid temperature: +80ºC.            - Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC.            - Rotational speed: 2900rpm.           Motor:          The driving motor is an asynchronous, closed squirrel cage type, with external ventilation.                      - With in-built thermo-amperometric protection and capacitor.             - Class of insulation: F - service: S1.            - Degree of protection: IP55.                             Installation:          The pump is to be installed in a horizontal position for both fixed and portable plants. These pumps must not be used in situations where there are long breaks between operation such as seasonal use in holiday homes etc, as minor internal corrosion can lead to a tendecy for the impeller to stick.

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