Concrete power floats

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Application: No more time consuming troweling by hand, with your Honda powered power trowel.    Finsbury Powamac has the right concrete floater for your project.    Available with either a 4 or 5 blade option.     Complete with a set of combination blades, optional finishing blades available on request.   A walk behind Power Trowel for low maintenance and a long life design.    A comprehensive power trowel with industrial features that include an easy start system, cast iron cylinder sleeves, low oil protection, duel air filters and double ball bearing crankshafts in a genuine Honda overhead valve engine.    Great for any size concreting job requiring a superior finish.   General data: -         Standard with combination blades – one side for floating and one for finishing. -         Remember that a power trowel will not level a concrete floor. A power trowel is a finishing machine designed to put a hard skin on onto the surface of the concrete which is smooth and reasonably dust free. -         Small holes and slight high spots can be leveled off by the action of the trowel, but a floor should generally be laid, leveled and compacted before a trowel is used. Engines: -          Honda powered by a GX160 air-cooled petrol engine -          All engine capacities are 5.5hp   Installation and usage: It is essential to trowel at the correct time.    The operator must wait until the soft concrete hardens sufficiently to take the weight of the machine and operator.     If the concrete is too soft the machine will tear up the surface; if it is too hard, the machine will have little effect on the surface.     A useful guideline is when the operator can stand on the concrete surface and leave footprints of about in 3mm depth. For further information, refer to the operational manual enclosed with your machine.

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