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TAMPING RAMMER-TR series Heavy duty


Application:   The Finsbury Powamac tamping rammers are designed for the compaction of soils, most suitable for compacting cohesive and granular soils in narrow confined areas.   Ideal for compacting trenches for piping, water and sewerage jobs, and other services.   Well suited for commercial and industrial plant operators like landscapers, electrical contractors, and plumbing contractors.    In highway construction situations, these tamping are mainly used for repair and maintenance as well as for compaction on hard shoulders.      Built with high compaction power and with an ease of use on any type of soil.   The tamping rammer is also comfortable to operate thanks to the great vibration isolation system on the handle bar which reduces hand – arm vibration and improves operator comfort.   General data:   -         Heavy duty shock rubber mounts absorb kickbacks -         Race and pinion throttle lever -         High quality German made polyurethane bellows -         Laminated plywood and stainless steel foot for absorbing shock and stress -         4 stroke engines for reduced emissions   Engines:   -         Diesel : powered by a Hatz 4hp air-cooled diesel engine.   Installation and usage:   Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the unit before the tamping rammer is operated.  

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