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Dry run Automatic prime Centrifugal Pumps

Dry run, centrifugal prime Centrifugal Pumps

The Poseidon range of pumps that are able to run dry without water and are fitted with an automatic priming system mounted on the main pump.  The Poseidon "Smartprime" priming system creates a vacuum via the use of a double stage diaphragm pump and an inlet priming chamber.    The priming chamber is fitted with a failsafe float system that 100% guarantees that no fluid will go through the priming system and enter the environment.

 The standard pumps are ideal for for clean and waste water and fluids which are not chemically highly aggressive.    Special pump material can be supplied for more aggressive pumped fluids.    These pumps are ideal for water transfer and dewatering purposes.

Bareshaft pumps without engineBareshaft pumps with diesel engine
Bareshaft pumps without engineBareshaft pumps with diesel engine

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